Speed of site – sloooow

This site is brand new, no content, just a basic set up with some of the plugins and theme I plan on using already installed.

The site itself is super slow.

I run the Hummingbird Pro plugin and getting this feedback:

Time To First Byte identifies the time it takes for a visitor’s browser to receive the first byte of page content from the server. Ideally, TTFB for “your server should be under 600 ms.
It took 4,680 ms to receive the first byte of page content.”

Everything I do on it is too slow. I also found that when I was looking through your support system online yesterday it was equally slow. So I’m not sure if it’s the server or what exactly, but I definitely require a super fast clean set up.

Also, I am using a demo site with almost identical plugin set up that is super fast, so I do not believe it has to do with plugin combo at this time.

Can you please let me know why it’s been running slow?