Speed Site up / Where is the call to soundmanager2

Hello, Im trying to speed my buddypress site up, so im using Firebug NET feature & its showing me all of the call to files where there is no file. most of it was gifs etc... and i went in to the php pages & deleted the call to that gif.

however, one call is for a file called: soundmanager2.swf
but I can not find what page is making that request for that file. (so that i can delete the request). Ive searched entire site for a file that calls that soundmanager.swf (using dreamweaver) but cannot locate what file to edit.Firebug shows me its a 404 error & adds 1.27 seconds to my site load time just for this missing file.

Can anyone tell me which file calls this swf file?
Firebug tells me its in the following file, but its not in there: