Speed up my slow multisite network.

The entire network multisite is unbearably slow that I am considering moving all sites to standalone versions because I am getting nothing but complaints from customers that the front end and the admin sections are slow as death. I need both admin and front end to be really quick.

Other sites on my server run fast on both frontend and backend.

But in this, I am having some issues for example:

I deleted my debug.log about 10 days ago, so it started fresh and I could monitor it. I have just exported the debug.log after 10 days and it is at 2.2GB. That surely isn’t normal and there must be major issues with my multisite network that I can’t figure it out.

  • James Morris
    • WordPress Enthusiast

    Hello Charlie,

    I hope you are well today.

    I’ve taken a look at your setup and have found a few areas you can adjust to improve your site’s performance.

    First, and most significantly, I see you’re still running PHP 5.6.x. While this version is still supported for security updates, it’s a version that is approaching end of life and is not the currently recommended stable version. You can learn more here: http://php.net/supported-versions.php

    Also, PHP 7.x has proven to be a much better performing version. There’s numerous articles going over the differences, but here’s some data on the performance differences: https://www.cloudways.com/blog/php-5-6-vs-php-7-symfony-benchmarks/

    So, the first thing you can do to significantly improve performance is update your PHP version from 5.6.x to 7.x.

    Next, while you had the defines in wp-config.php for WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT and WP_MEMORY_LIMIT it’s important to note that WordPress can only use up to the maximum allocated memory set by PHP. In your phpinfo() your host has your memory_limit capped at 1024M. Any attempt to override this through php.ini or .user.ini are being ignored. Attempting to set WP Memory limits beyond what your host allows can actually cause issues.

    However, I was able to increase your PHP memory_limit through a runtime ini_set in wp_config.php.

    ini_set('memory_limit', '2048M');

    This is not ideal and should only be used as a temporary measure until you can obtain hosting that is adequate for your needs. 1024M of memory is really insufficient for most Multisite Networks. Especially if they get any kind of real traffic. 2048M would be the recommended minimum for production. I use 2048M on even my test sites on a cheap shared host (1and1).

    Regarding the debug.log excessive size… I’ve checked your logs and the vast majority of entries are API messages (chatter). They are benign and can safely be ignored. The only message I could find that was not related to API chatter was the following:

    [15-Nov-2017 06:40:27 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: remove_duplicates in /home/{USER}}/public_html/sites/{SITE}/wp-content/plugins/wp-social-media-slider-lite/includes/class-wpsms-repo.php on line 127

    Given this is a Notice, it is something you should bring up with the Dev Team of the WP Social Media Slider, but will not likely adversely affect your site’s functionality or performance.

    So, to summarize:

    * Upgrade to PHP 7.x

    * Upgrade your hosting to a plan that fully supports at least 2GB of memory

    * If possible, find a host that uses SSD hard drives. They’re much faster.

    I hope this gets you going in the right direction. Let us know if you have any further questions. We’ll be happy to help! :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • Charlie
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks for your suggestion James, I will look in to upgrading to PHP7 today at some point.

    What do you mean upgrade my hosting to something that has at least 2GB of RAM? My VPS is on SSD hard drives and has 8GB of RAM so i don’t know why you want me to upgrade to something with at least 2GB and uses SSD?

    So effectively, the only issue that is causing my entire network to be slow is because I am using an older version PHP?

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