Spelling mistake in core Mass Email Sender

Currently I'm translating from https://premium.wpmudev.org/translate/projects/mass_mailer/

and found multiple small language issues.

1) Spelling. "Recepient"
Record: "Test Mail Recepient Email:"
File: mass-mailer.php:373
File: mass-mailer.php:447
Solution: "Test Mail Recipient Email:"

2) Spelling. "Recepient, ingored"
Record: "Test mail recepient's address, will be ingored when sending sending mails out."
File: mass-mailer.php:375
File: mass-mailer.php:450
Solution: "Test mail recipient's address, will be ignored when sending sending mails out."

3) Question usage "a while" versus "awhile"
Record: "Preparing to send emails... This could take a while. Please be patient!"
File: mass-mailer.php:406
Solution: "Preparing to send emails... This could take awhile. Please be patient!"

4) Suggestion for more professional language in file (cut down some text for space).
File: mass-mailer.php:384
Source: "Dear USERNAME,? ? Blah Blah Blah? ? Thanks! (removed text)"
Change: Blah blah blah into single sentence Lorem Ipsum!

Thanks all!