Spicing up the Submission Page

Hi, when I had my site created by a Freelancer, all was good until I had to change host, gave the Freelancer plenty of notice, but he did not make a backup of his work so we lost a chunk of stuff. One of the things I liked that we lost (He is no longer doing the job) was some more things added to the "Add an Article" page. We allow any user who has registered to write an article for our site and earn points for doing so. The screenshot shows the page, and you can view it yourself by registering on our site and then going to the "Add an Article" link.

I've managed to add most of the stuff I need to, but I am struggling with the final parts:

1) A page was inserted into the page, which appeared above the submission area. This allowed me to edit the page and add guidelines, a video etc telling people what kind of article they should be submitting.

2) Where it says "Tags", Id like to have text in brackets directly next to that saying "(Comma Seperated)". We've had a lot of people submit stuff with space seperation and it comes through as one big tag.

3) Where it says Source Name, Id like in brackets next to it saying "(i.e, Fox News)" so people know what should go into the source area, and "Source" needs to be changed to "Source URL".

I've managed to change certain aspects around this page, but I have no idea where the actual content part of this is within the theme or buddypress files. Could you maybe know?