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I like the premise behind the Upfront themes, but I've been disappointed by what appear to be implementation issues (not sure if it is from my input or shortcomings in the design).

I created a very basic framework of a site for a client (arcobuilders.nettechdataservices.com) using the WordPress TwentyFifteen template. I added a few pages (Contact Us, Our Approach, Home, etc.), pasting in content from their existing live site. When I applied themes based on Upfront (first trying Fixer, then switching to Spirit), I expected the pages to be converted to pages in the menus of the theme. Instead, I see the theme's default pages linked through the menu, and all the pages I created are completely disconnected from anywhere in the site. The theme seems to have been applied to the content, but on the Clients page I created which contains a large table with all their client history, I see a notice that Custom Sidebars are "Not available for blog pages". Why that was created as a blog page, I'm not sure. But it does show a "Report this Post" link at the bottom, despite having only been a simple page upon initial creation.

Did I do something wrong? Should I have set up my menus before switching themes (and would doing so have reflected my own menus rather than theme defaults)?

Also, how do I control home/landing page options for Upfront themes? I would like the front page of the Spirit theme to show scroll effect when clicking down to an anchor, rather than just reloading the page at the anchor. Where are these features built, so I can monkey with them? I'm comfortable coding HTML, PHP, VBScript, Javascript, CSS, etc. But I can't see the page I need to open in the Editor to effect changes in the Upfront home page.

  • calvinrogercanas

    Hi @Josef Cook,

    Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.

    When you activate the upfront theme for the first time, it will be the theme's default that you will see since this is not an ordinary theme so it relies on its own database structure not on what we used to. Since upfront theme's goal is to make our members just to 'drag and drop' most of the time so you need to setup from the start(replace the default menu, default layout, etc) and save your settings. The setup(or development) will last only for a few days unlike the development of a new theme that takes you weeks to finish.

    Currently, editing directly the files are not recommended since it is still being improve by our developers and as I said it is a bit different from ordinary theme so how it is structured is out my depth.

    Let me know if it helps.

    Kind Regards,

  • Josef Cook

    OK. Well the upfront themes are certainly not preferable to standard, editable themes in my environment. In testing the Spirit theme, making edits to the landing page has proven clunky and unmanageable. I am trying to put the menu all the way at the top and make it float, but I can't move the nice mint green stripe to the top as well.

    I have no IDEA where the CSS is pulling from or going when I try to create my own CSS style. I created one but now I can't find it in the interface. I can't see the code of the landing page, so I don't know how the DIVs are nested to know where/how to apply my styles. And I have no insight into responsive settings (what are the triggers, what is changing from one to another [layout, visibility, colors, etc.], what elements have responsive styles applied [menu appearance/position, widget positions/order, etc.]).

    I also tested the responsiveness of one of the internal pages, and it failed miserably. See the attached screenshot.

    Where is the theme that WPMUDEV.org uses on their own homepage? The one where the racecar falls away as the page scrolls down, the top menu scrolls off to be replaced by the secondary nav which sticks when it hits the top, all of which happens via autoscroll if you click the bouncing arrow ... where is that theme? Or how do I make Upfront behave like that?

    The homepage for WPMUDev is so well-oiled it was the impetus for me getting a subscription. I thought it would be easy to create sites that reflected that same aesthetic, but it has so far been impossible to achieve anything remotely close.

  • calvinrogercanas

    Hi @Josef Cook,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I want you to know that Upfront is improving day-by-day thru having new features, fixing bugs(inevitable) and also we just hired few more developers focus on Upfront project alone.

    About the problem on screenshot, you can edit elements for mobile view by clicking the 'Responsive Mode' on bottom-left part then select the device where you want to change a layout(in your case mobile).

    The theme that we have at this site was customized and created by our own designers and developers. I do not have an access to it and I also don't have the right to copy/use/modify/sell and share it. If you like you can find a developer to create a custom theme for you in our jobs board.

    Kind Regards,

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