Spirit: problem with the head area (emergency)

Hi all,

i asked a question about a problem i have with spirit 2 days ago but i wrote in a topic already opened. As i don't have any answer, i open this new topic. Hope i'm doing good.

Here is what i wrote:

I've got a little problem and i'm sur you can help.
so, on my website, made with Spirit, the first "region" is a 1080px * 770px
I have a bug with this region since a few days: i can't put a slider any more. I mean: i can't choose any photo to put in the slider anymore while it was possible before.
here is what i have now:
you'll see that i don't have the button "add" anymore under the section "sliders order"

could you help me to fix this please?
(i don't know how to delete and create the same region (header), ... with the same dimensions)

Can i have some help please? I'm leaving on holidays in 2 days and i'd like to finish the website first (it's my wedding website!!! )