Spirit theme not showing updates

Hello. I have made some changes however they are not showing on the site. I have the latest version of everything and have cleared my cookies and refreshed. The main issue is this image not showing up. See attached screenshots. Thanks.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Andrea!

    First let's rule out some simple things that may be hanging you up here.

    Are you using a caching pluign? If so, disable it while you're doing edits in an Upfront theme, so you're not running the risk of seeing a cached, rather than a live (with changes), version of your site.

    Is it only this image that's not saving, or are other things you try to change not sticking, either? Can you try a simple switch in font or adding a new element temporarily and see if those changes save?

    Another option is to try to save the settings one additional time, and see if it saves this time. Upfront is still a very young project, I've found many times that just repeating what I was unsuccessfully trying to do will work the second time.

    I just ran a few tests on my own site and I'm able to save images, but I have seen an issue like this before, with previous versions of Upfront/Spirit. It looks like you're all updated, however, so that shouldn't be affecting you here.

    Let me know if the suggestions above don't get this sorted!

    Thanks, Andrea!

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