Splitting the date selection and timeslot selection


I would like more control of the placements of the date selection and timeslot select that are currently both within the [app_monthly_schedule] shortcode.

I successfully made two new shortcodes by simply duplicating [app_monthly_schedule] and remove the date from one and the timeslot from the other.

This meant I could use these to layout my page the way I need for the steps of my booking process.

This also worked well. However, since I have put in the pagination when I move to a new month I can no longer select the timeslot. It only works when I remain on the original month.

As it was working well before I think it’s only a small problem and something isn’t being passed along when you move to a new month.

Could you provide the two shortcodes so they work with pagination. It’s mostly duplicating the existing [app_monthly_schedule] so I hope this is OK.