Sqeeze the most juice out of the holder theme: how to monetize and can we attach non-disclosure cybe

Right off the mark, I want to applaud Tammie and team for the Holder theme. The theme is elegant and clean. yet has plenty of substance in its present form to grow along with the needs of the ideas that provoked the use of it. This post is really a layman's request for help to attempt to make some bucks with affiliate ads and to also aid in the process of recruiting.

So here it goes:

1. Can we put up some affiliate ads on the front of the site?
2. Can we use something like Contact form to invoke an automated e-application with non-disclosure agreement?

1. is marvelous because it makes bucks,
2. is marvelous because it cuts down on executive time for lazy executives; and cuts out a lot of the tire kickers who really are not that interested in the product.