"Squashed Up" Admin pages using Easy Blogging v3.1.9.1


Since applying recent plugin and core WP updates I've noticed that something is causing the pages to be "squashed up".

For example, with the Dashboard, the panels all appear to the left of the main stage area, on top of each other.

Pages and posts lists are squashed into a narrow column on the left - the same thing happens with custom post types (e.g. MarketPress products).

This happens with IE and Chrome (haven't tested any other browser for the time being)

Digging into the HTML, the problem seems to be caused by a line <div class="wrap" style="width: 0px;"> which appears inside the "inner" div, inside the "primary_right" div.

If I use Chrome inspection tools to change 0px to 100%, it works fine.

I'm not sure if this is a plugin issue or WordPress change affecting the plugin - either way the plugin is borked on my sites currently...