Squeeze page – help with coding

Hi Guys

This question is the result of the response got from Alexander (see my Q and his A here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/opt-in-product-page-how-to-build-what-i-want). I just couldn’t find how to reply back within the intitial question.

Thanks for the advice. I will follow it step by step.

So first of all, I created the squeeze (opt-in) page (I used full width). Here is the link as Alexander requested:


Please let me know via email if you need any access details

I need your help with the following:

1. Help me to remove navigation bar, main and bottom banners, opt-in boxes from this page. I need the page to look approx like this (http://productlaunchformula.com/blueprint.html) – only confidentiality links in the bottom. The name banner (i.e. left top one) should remain.

2. Help me to put the text line I wrote into the qreen frame (green similar to my opt-in form under the banner) . It should look similar to http://productlaunchformula.com/blueprint.html

In the meanwhile I will look through your suggestions with plug-ins and return as I have questions.



P.S. Please send me your contact email if you need password details. I didn’t find how I can contact Alexander directly.