SSD VPS that Allos Multiple IP'sw

Hi, I have a client with one very large site, one medium site and a small site. I need a VPS for the large site, but I'm really hoping to find an SSD VPS that allows for multiple IP's to be on the same account for the 3 SSL's. I prefer it to be an SSD to gain the speed for the site, but at this point I will be willing to look at anything that allows for multiple IPs on the same account. Hoping for something affordable, need 2Gig. And of course it wold need to be a reputable company with decent support, unmanaged VPS is ok as well. I have a server admin I can hire to manage for me.

The only option I've found is inmotion, but I was hoping for SSD.

Does anyone know of any....
I've already looked into a quite few such as...
Digital Ocean - only allows 1 per droplet

And others..

Let me know if anyone has some ideas.