SSL cert for domain mapped subsites / hosting provider requires separate cPanel installation - break


I have one WMPU installation at my primary site domain. I have two subsites at this time but expect to have more. I have Domain Mapping plugin installed on my WPMU and it is working properly. I will need to install SSL certs for each domain. I have pSek WPMU shared hosting package with a dedicated IP.

Hosting provider has informed me that separate hosting accounts are required (cPanel accounts?) per
"As we told you cpanel allows only one SSL certificate to be installed per account. So We cannot install both certificates for and You need to move one of this domain into separate account or get multidomain certificate."

My reply:
"As for the SSL cert, can I please be set up with a new cPanel login so that I can install the cert for this domain?
This action requires to copy all the data from web directory (currently this domain is parked on top of [my primary domain] to a new account. Then the domain should be unparked and associated with this new account. Please keep in mind, that all site configuration files should be rechecked by web developer as new account will contain another database names, db users, paths to scripts, etc."

Without having to purchase a multidomain cert, what alternatives do I have?

I hope this request makes sense. Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide for clarification.
Thank you in advance