SSL installation created 404 errors in wpml translation pages.

Im hoping someone can help me.

Since i installed my SSL certificate, something in wordpress is hardwiring "www" into the domain, and not allowing https:// .

I think its caused by WPML and wordpress pretty permalink structure conflicting.

The issue appears only on translated pages in WPML. The main language site is working,
only when i try use one of the secondary languages does the 404 page appear.

When im logged in as admin, i see the correct https:// but still, the 404 errors continues.

Research has pointed me in a few directions including editing the sitepress.class.php file , or flush_rewrite_rules or editing functions.php. But what ever i try the problem persists.

similar issues:

but not sure how to solve the problem.

WordPress 4.1.1
WooCommerce Multilingual 3.5.2
Obox Social Commerce - facebook sales plugin that requires dedicated SSL.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance