SSL Issues etc. with Newly Migrated Site

This will be long, because it’s going to take a lot of explanation, which is why I’m doing a ticket instead of chat for this.

I recently migrated my site,, to WPMU. It was previously hosted at GoDaddy, and the DNS was managed there, though the domain is hosted at FatCow. There is an SSL certificate on the site that is issued by Starfield, but purchased through GoDaddy. When I moved the domain name over to the newly created WPMU site, I noticed that some of the time when the page was loading it would be labeled as “not private.” This seemed to be a problem with the SSL certificate, because the issuer was coming up listed as FatCow (the domain registrar but not the issuer), which is not correct. At other times if I clicked “show certificate” the one displayed would be from Let’s Encrypt (your ssl). Sometimes it would read Starfield. I decided to wait for it to finish propagating, especially because your reps and other people were telling me the site looked OK to them.

In addition, the site would at times redirect to another domain I own,, that was not in use. I could not figure out why this would be but then I remembered that when I first built this site I had used that domain as sort of a staging site for it, and had the domain name changed over by GoDaddy afterward. It looks like maybe some of the content, mainly images, are still connected to, which I recently reassigned to one of the sites I’m now hosting here at WPMU. Confused yet? I have not had any problems related to this until I moved that domain name over to WPMU.

Now, I am getting all of these scenarios happening at various times:

1) Everything loads fine, and the certificate says it is issued by Starfield;

2) I get a “not private” response, and the certificate says FatCow;

3) Everything loads fine, and the certificate says “Let’s Encrypt.”

4) The site redirects to “,” the URL I previously used when I built this site 2 or 3 years ago.

When your tech people check it, and it looks fine to them, I’m led to believe that I’m only seeing these things because of some caching issue on my end. But it has been a few days now, every cache I have access to has been cleared multiple times, and if there is some secret cache, through my ISP or something, it’s got to be gone by now. No one clicks on the pages of my site more than I do, so it’s not surprising others don’t encounter the problems with the same frequency. I just need to get it sorted out.

I would prefer to keep my Starfield cert at this point because it’s a little higher level of protection than the Let’s Encrypt. but at this point I don’t really care that much. I just want every click to produce the same results, and I especially would like to remove that other domain, moveit4younow, from the equation, though I’m really not sure why it’s there in the first place.

Please help sort this out.