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I've been having some ongoing issues with getting a Let's Encrypt certificate to work consistently on our network. The last time we gave up because of problems and had to export the site. This time I managed to get it to work but having issues with Chrome.

I think the problem has to do with the subdomains not having an SSL certificate but I can't be sure. Our system doesn't allow for a wildcard certificate when using mapped domains. The most recent launch I got the SSL to work on most browsers but after I logged into the website Chrome is now throwing a Not secure.

I'm looking for some guidance and requirements for have a network with stable SSL on mapped domains on a network.

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  • splaquet
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    A wildcard certificate should cover the primary domain and all of the sub-domains on the multisite. If you have an * A record, set to the dedicated IP (you’ll need to have a dedicated IP), you should be set. If you added sub-domains into the system, you’ll find issues. (it’s a long winded story, but Apache has hiccups if they’re added manually) It doesn’t kick in right away, but have faith and the * A record will start to work.

    If https is enabled/forced for the sub-sites, then any sub-sites using a mapped domain would also have to have their own, separate SSL certificate. If they didn’t, and it was forced https, then you would find yourself in a position where you’re trying to use an insecure site with a secure port.

    If you don’t plan on having (all) mapped domains use SSL, leave it as https for admin and original domain for admin/dashboard… and “URL as entered by user” in frontend mapped style.

    Hope that helps!

  • Ash
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    Hello Tony

    Wildcard SSL certificate doesn’t cover mapped domains or additional domains. It just covers the main domain and all the subdomains. To cover multiple domains with a single SSL certificate you would need Multi Domains SSL certificate.

    If you want to cover all by one certificate, then you can buy a SAN certificate.

    Have a nice day!



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