SSL problems with the primary domain since using wpmu

Hey guys,

Is it just me or is there a problem using an SSL wildcard certificate on the primary domain, since set up I have notice that regardless of what I use to access the main site, it doesn't default to the expected

I understand some fancy footwork maybe needed in regards to forcing people to hit I just expected this to be the case without having to butcher up a .htaccess file as it did before I started using the wpmu system.

In regards to the domain SSL wildcard cert it is all installed and working correctly, so the problem isn't the actual cert.

I'm just wondering if any one else has had any similar issues with the primary SSL (I understand sub sites cant run ssl's and that's OK, It would be nice to have the primary site working however ..)

Update: it seems to be related to domain mapping, i can either have ssl on the primary site and all subs get the "ssl cert error page" or i cant use our primary cert at all,