SSL with Marketpress

I am having an issue with getting MarketPress to advance from the point of where you add to cart to where you can see what is in your cart. My developer suggests it is because the SSL certificate is not valid but it is. We are having the Chrome issue I seen posted elsewhere. The issue is the URL converts from http: to https:

I have reviewed the basic tutorial and the is no section specifying a SSL set up. Can you provide a link to additional user guide information?

  • DavidM

    Hi krodenhizer,

    That's correct, there's not any additional information on SSL as that's not really part of the MarketPress setup process itself. I'll run it by the team though to see how that could be done though.

    The url should change to https, as that's what SSL does but as your developer is suggesting the SSL cert is not valid, it seems that's likely the issue.

    If you can provide a link to the site we may be able to spot something there.


  • krodenhizer

    HI David
    The site is and the store stopped working since the drupal version coding was too outdated for the gateway's new XML requirements. We figured we would just switch to WordPress and MarketPress. If you look at the store link you see the SSL certificate and it never needed to operate in the https folder. The certificate is sound.
    here is the current test set up:
    the issue I think we are having is page naming. We cannot update the permalinks and it looks like we need to take the suggestion of a previous post where we need to take down the entire menu and build it back up???? yikes but OK. we will try anything.
    your store set seems to expect specific page names and we have not done that yet. i think that is why when i click to order i cannot get to a page that shows me what is listed in my cart.
    anyway. thanks for any help. I am taking tips. too bad you guys don't take money per hour just to set things up and then let us get on with doing the dirty work.

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