SSLRead() return error -9806

Hi, I just joined today and installed the WPMU Dev Dashboard plugin on my local dev server, a Mac running OSX Server. When trying to log into my account, I get the following error:

Your server had a problem connecting to WPMU DEV: "SSLRead() return error -9806". Please try again.

I've read through the forums and google results on the error and it sounds like something specific to Mac OS X. The problem is that all of the "fixes" I'm finding basically tell me to stop using Mac OS X Server and install certain components using Homebrew, a Mac package manager. This is obviously not ideal.

Is there a less intrusive way to work with WPMU resources? Do I have to install the dashboard plugin to take advantage of my membership? Will the other plugins have the same incompatibility with my dev servers? I remember that I had to stop using Jetpack on our sites a while ago for this same reason.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Tony,

    Hope you're well?

    Using the dashboard plugin isn't a requirement to membership except some plugins such as smush, hummingbird & defender do require the dashboard plugin to be installed.

    Yes, you will have same issues with other plugins that require remote SSL connections i'm afraid.

    Homebrew is the best & easiest option to fix.

    The issue is that default MAC Curl & SSL do not support v3 Secure Transports.

    I believe without homebrew, you can fix it by changing mac os/x server to use OpenSSL rather than it's default Secure Transport LAyer, so this would entail installing and configuring OpenSSL on your mac, i'm not familiar with the workings or how to configure this on mac tho.

    but there's no other way other than recompiling PHP to use openSSL.

    This might help (though was for a mac-mini)

    Hope this helps

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