SSP: my work with marketpress, post voting and many other plugins

Just wanted to do some shamless self promotion, by sharing the result of various months of working around wpmu dev plugins!

** What is it?**

Where awsome Themes and Plugins are showcased, discussed and tailored by the community.

– Members can submit themes and plugin they look to customize and can submit their “Modifcation Requests”.

– Other members can vote for them.

– Coder can sell solutions for popular requests thru Marketplace (Marketpress).

** Some tech details **

– Wp multisite with subdomain.

– Marketpress:

integration with post voting plugin to allow buyers only to vote for products

integration with wp-customer-reviews to create a seller feedback system

added sorting filter by votes and by author

comments added to products

enhanced download protection (no hotlink – no download if not logged in and didn’t bought the prod)

total front end solution for management of digital product store (no wp-dasbooard for Tailors)

cachable top sellers list by month, both page and widget.

– New Blog Template:

to create new seller portfolios

– Moderation:

to moderate the community

Hope you like it!


p.s. it goes without saying that all mods we made for Marketpress and other scripts, will be avail soon on: :slight_smile: