Staging url hard coded in my live site WP Ultimo WPMUDEV staging issue

I pushed my staging network from to my live site. I pushed the full site File and Database.

Firsly would I like to report an issue with the staging environment and WP Ultimo, probably the domain mapping its doing. Since on the staging environment I could not, nor support could, go to subsites in my network since I received a SSL ridirect loop. The network I could access, but subsites where not "safe" "ssl cookie error" and you could not access back, nor frond end staging subsites.

When WP Ultimo turned off, I could access my subsites, although I was still getting an error about not the right ssl certificate. Just clicking advanced and proceed would give you the subsites.

Now, I noticed that my staging site that I pushed live, has links coded in it. Probalably connected with the wp ultimo turning on, turning off,…

So when I now go to my network sites, I can change subsites, and the links want me to go **** Althoug its a live site. If I change the url to **** my site was found and all is working.

Can this issues be fixed?