Standard server configuration for WP Network


Firstly, I have to say, that local hosting-s here in Georgia have already high quality services and servers, but it's still new thing here. Yes, they successfully host dozen of blogs, e-shops, standard sites, but they aren't qualified with new things, for example normal-size WordPress network (about 1000 blogs), so there is a great possibility, that they can make some mistakes while learning this thing (maybe WordPress network doesn't need any different server configuration, but I have to know).

Can you give me direction about that? What is perfect configuration settings for server, which hosts WordPress network? If it needs much time to explain and tell me about it everything here, in this topic, could you give me some links, where this topic is discussed? (trusted links, of course).

Which servers are best for WordPress network with >1000 blogs and what are it's specific configuration settings?