Standardising colum length in BP daily

Hi tammie,
Not sure if their is anything you can do to your theme in order to achieve this but just thought I'd ask.

I love the look of the columns on the front page with the thumbnail pictures, however I have noticed that when your headline of your post is longer or shorter than others that it can upset the alignment and make things look just a little messy.

Also, what is the criteria that the column looks for in the post to know how much of it to display? Does it count words etc and just display a certain number? Sometimes this can cause the column to be longer or shorter than the one next to it too.

See the screenshot below as an example.
If padding or something could be used to create exact same sized columns the theme would be perfect and look ultra professional.

Is there anything you can do to the theme to standardise these columns and make this possible?
Thanks again!
Ross :slight_smile: