Start Hummingbird Minification With Nothing Selected


I hope I'm not being silly but I'm really trying to see if Hummingbird can replace W3TC on our own site before implementing it on others.

When I choose to minify our site, hummingbird automatically includes, compresses and combines all available files. Is there a way it could only list (inlcude) the files and allow the user to select one at a time? Or do we have to let it select all then remove them and select one at a time?

Does the include switch do anything besides include the file in the list?

It breaks the site enough to where there is little to no CSS and throws warnings that jQuery is not defined. I just feel it would be easier, especially on live sites, to add one thing at a time until it breaks and know that is the issue. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your time and assistance. I appreciate you.