Start-Up Hosting for New Multisite Network

I am currently getting started with a new Multisite project. To start out, I will only have 2-3 (max 5) sites on the network. I don't expect any of them to get very high use at first.

I want to setup using subdomains, wildcard SSL, and a wildcard subdomain DNS record.

I am looking for cheaper hosting to handle this while I am working on the base of the project and beta testing with a few sites while I am building the necessary themes, plugins, etc.

I have been chatting with SiteGround and am curious if anyone has any experience with them in this situation. GoDaddy and MediaTemple do not support Multisite in their "shared/managed" wordpress offerings.

Flywheel can do 1 year of their pro plan for $450 (plus SSL) right now as part of a sale and I am considering that. SiteGround is going to cost me around $200 so I am looking at almost double for Flywheel.

My end game is to move to WPEngine to take advantage of their LargeFS feature that allows uploads to be stored on Amazon S3, but right now I am trying to save some money up front if possible until I am in a position to start making money on the project.

Any input on how others would handle this decsision or any input on Wordpress, more specifically Multisite, at SiteGround is also appreciated.

Thank you!

  • Vaughan

    Hi Joshua,

    Hope you're well?

    Siteground are a pretty reliable company and they do support wordpress itself. I've met a few of their guys at Wordcamp so they're pretty converse in wordpress development & support.

    I don't know Flywheel at all so I can't comment on them as a company.

    But I would compare both their plans and decide which one is more appealing to you and you think is better value to you. Have a search on google for reviews about any hosts, be aware tho, you will always find more bad reviews than good reviews, people tend not to comment and leave reviews when everything is good, but very quick review when things aren't.

    There are a few plugins that allow uploads to S3;

    But most shared plans would handle 4 or 5 blogs, but if you do have a bigger budget, then vps would be a better option as is more future capable, saves the hassle of moving servers and having your site down.

    Hope this helps

  • Joshua Eby

    Thank you for your response. I decided to go with Flywheel for now. I have had issues with typical shared hosting in the past and don't want any similar issues to impact the success of my project.

    As for the WP2Cloud plugin. I will take a look. The thing I like about the LargeFS feature on WP Engine is that it is fully implemented and supported by WP Engine so if there is ever an issue, they fix it. Piece of mind I guess.


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