Starting a new Website, Consider Things on this List and Then Ask Questions

So, you are seriously planning to start a new Website Enterprise? Well, first, let me welcome you into the fold of fellow entrepreneurs, I am convinced that you are genuinely serious about starting up your venture or you would not be here; but before you take many more steps-seriously consider the items outlined below. They were developed in this forum.

A few of the many purposes of that particular topic was to contrast the perceived need for speed with useful utility, deliberate design with trial and error, spending with investing, going at risk with playing it safe; even more importantly, learning to ask the right questions.

This information is presented with this caveat, I know first hand, that most venture start-ups will fail, success cannot be guaranteed, not even in cyber space; however, a road map around major pitfalls has been created, these mile markers may help:

• Invest time deciding what it is you want to accomplish with your website, rudimentary research and planning will pay off,
• The initial site design is not going to be the end all-be all dream we hope for, it will evolve,
• Keep the site and services simple and streamlined, limit themes, plugins and fluff,
• Host the site with a service within your budget, you can upgrade later,
• After the initial set up, secure the site, against splogs, comment spammers and more,
• In addition to the start up costs, a large amount of your time will need to be invested in the day to day operations,
• Or an outside webmaster will be required to do that for you, which will add to the start up financial burden,
• Operate your site for a period of time before aggressively promoting it, to learn the ropes,
• When the activity load of the site begins taxing the limits of your hosting service, upgrade,
• Select a hosting service that specializes in the wp-centric sites and issues,
• After reaching this milestone, then it is time to worry about image compression, clean code, fewer redirects, minimal http requests, duplicate js and css, poorly coded plugins and cache management among a host of issues,
• If managing your site stops being fun, turn the reigns over to someone else, or prepare to watch weeks, months or years of effort die an agonizing death affecting you and those clients that invested in your dream.

Special thanks to WPMU Dev member Gabe; from my vantage point, his responses in the original forum were very helpful and very clear and led to creating this list.

Let me know if it proves helpful or if you have questions.