Starting appointment time dependent on duration of appointment. Why?

We want to use Appointments to reserve conference rooms. We have options for 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 90 minutes and 2 hours. When someone chooses one of these options from the dropdown, the available starting times change so that if you choose 2 hours, you can only choose your time to start at 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, etc. Why does this change and prevent someone to schedule from say 9:00-11:00 or even 9:30-11:30? The starting time should not be dependent on how long the appointment is.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @templesmc, hope you're doing well today! :slight_smile:

    That's because by default, the time slots are calculated by the duration of the service.

    Fortunately, you can override this behavior by enabling the "Durations" add-on (found in Appointments -> Settings -> Add-ons).

    Once you've done that, go to the "General" section inside the settings for Appointments+, and set "Time slot calculus method" to "Minimum time based appointment duration calculus (legacy)".

    Then it's just a matter of setting "Time base (minutes)" to the desired value (as Appointments+ will now reference that when it comes to showing the time slots available).

    Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


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