Starting over

Hi folks,

I'm trying to wrap my head around a few things. I had a WPMU setup several months ago but never really developed it further. I'm just now trying to get it going again and WP 3.0 came out and now I'm confused all over again.

Since I didn't have anything on my MU setup, I wiped it and started fresh with a brand new WP 3.0 install and have successfully setup the "Network" of sites. However I'm trying to figure out what to do next. My goal for my website is to allow users to set up their own websites/blogs from my main site, and charge them for premium themes and plugins.

I guess the first question would be where do the different plugins go? Has it changed from WPMU? Is there a difference for the main site plugins, the user site plugins, and the "premium" plugins that I wish to only be available to paid users? This goes for themes as well. Do they all go in the regular themes folder?

I'm very experienced with regular WP installs but the whole MU/MultiSite this is messing me up. Thanks for the help!

  • Aphrodite

    Hi !

    Well you will use the supporter plugins which does exactly what you want.

    Yes all plugins/themes are going into same folder, the supporter plugin will let you choose which ones are for all/suporters.

    You can activate a plugin for the main site, or sitewide if you wich.

    Just be carreful with outthere plugins (not those here) which are not automatically usable on a Multisite environement, specially heavy ones as shops, or several others.

  • Aphrodite

    you MUST create the mu-plugin folder, as blog.dir in wp-content.

    This file intend to inform you about wpmudev updates but we still experiment problems with it.

    You will have to set up many MU plugins, as antisplog, supporter, text indexer, global recent posts, etc etc... if you wich to build a nice multiste network.

    Take the time here, test, read, look... Everything is in here !

    I must say that 70% of my themes/plugins come from here. They simply... work !

    ms-plugins is a special plugin that (if i understood well) let you set up un plugin for a specific site. Be carrefull I dont know if it s update for WP 3 multisite.