Static posts page broken, shows index after installing hummingbird

Hi All,
I have recently installed Hummingbird and WP Super Cache to optimise our website and get it loading faster. Hummingbird works great and was able to reduce file sizes and load content quicker (still have work to do with the web host however).
After doing everything that was suggested our 'blog' page which is set to display all posts only shows /index, what a pain.
After some experimenting it seems to be something to do with the page it's self as I have created a new page called 'posts' and set it to show all posts rather than 'blog' and everything works as it is supposed to.
Delete the previous page called blog and create a new one and I am still presented with a blank page showing /index.

What haven't I thought of ?

PS: You can't type in live support with either Firefox or IE11 :slight_frown: