Static Site Wide Content

I've built a Multisite install that i'm rolling out to replace a dated PHP site for companies providing professional services. Essentially we provide a value added website service, a WP site being one element of that.
I've got a plugin from this site to be able to template and produce pre-customised blog sites, but what i want to do is offer a number of links on a side menu that features static content. For instance, i may have some industry fact files, or news stories, that i (as super admin) want to be able to write in one place and then have the rolled out to all the blogs on my network.
I tried this with the RSS widget, and reading the posts from my main blog, but when you click on the link it takes you to the main blog site. I want this content to appear within the pages of the user's own site.
I thought of creating template pages and hard coded the content as include files, but i'm sure there must be another way.
I'm sure somewhere else out there needs to have set content available to all their users.

Any suggestions or guidance much appreciated!