Statistics for Google Analytics plugin not working

I am configuring the Google Analytics + ( for my first time. I have one issue and two questions:
I have a WP 3.8.1 installation with subdirectory multisite running on a LEMP stack that will be for only one client. The client has multiple websites divided into separate entities. I am not using domain mapping for any of the sub-sites at this time, but will be once the project is launched into production. I have Google Analytics + Version Network Activated. With the Super Admin account, I have entered my Tracking ID for the GA Property that I wish to use for Network-wide tracking into the config at Network Admin Dashboard>Settings>Google Analytics. I have also logged into my Google Analytics account from the plugin's Network Admin settings page, and selected the same Tracking ID from the drop down.
When I go to the Network Admin Dashboard to view the Statistics widget, the circle continues to spin and it doesn't load. If I click "See All Stats," the same thing happens with a spinning circle that never loads. Could I be missing a setting somewhere?
Question 1:
I want to have a user (that has the Administrator user role assigned to the main root site and all subsites) to be able to view the network-wide analytics statistics. Is this possible if this particular user is not a "Super Admin" and does not have any of the manage_network_* capabilities?
Question 2:
I also want to do site-by-site tracking. Should I configure each of the subsites on Google Analytics as separate properties or as separate Views under the main Property for the entire network?


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    Hi @tritondigital,

    On the page with the spinning loading icon, can you check the javascript console for errors? In Chrome go to "View -> Developer -> Javascript Console" and in Firefox you can go to "Tools -> Web Developer -> Console"

    Let us know what errors you're getting.

    1. I'm sorry, right now only super admins have the ability to view the network wide statistics. I'm not sure if there's a way to override permissions here, or if there's a workaround. Once we look into the issue above, we can check with the plugin developer about this.

    2. Sub sites will still be tracked separately from the same code. You just need to visit that site's dashboard to see it's statistics.

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  • tritondigital
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    The error is:

    Uncaught TypeError: Property 'ga' of object [object Object] is not a function

    I tried creating a new tracking ID with Classic GA instead of UA. When I use the Classic GA tracking ID, the Dashboard Statistics widget works. When I use the UA Tracking ID or both, the Statistics widget does not work and displays the same error as above.

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