Statistics for Google Analytics plugin not working

I am configuring the Google Analytics + ( for my first time. I have one issue and two questions:


I have a WP 3.8.1 installation with subdirectory multisite running on a LEMP stack that will be for only one client. The client has multiple websites divided into separate entities. I am not using domain mapping for any of the sub-sites at this time, but will be once the project is launched into production. I have Google Analytics + Version Network Activated. With the Super Admin account, I have entered my Tracking ID for the GA Property that I wish to use for Network-wide tracking into the config at Network Admin Dashboard>Settings>Google Analytics. I have also logged into my Google Analytics account from the plugin’s Network Admin settings page, and selected the same Tracking ID from the drop down.


When I go to the Network Admin Dashboard to view the Statistics widget, the circle continues to spin and it doesn’t load. If I click “See All Stats,” the same thing happens with a spinning circle that never loads. Could I be missing a setting somewhere?

Question 1:

I want to have a user (that has the Administrator user role assigned to the main root site and all subsites) to be able to view the network-wide analytics statistics. Is this possible if this particular user is not a “Super Admin” and does not have any of the manage_network_* capabilities?

Question 2:

I also want to do site-by-site tracking. Should I configure each of the subsites on Google Analytics as separate properties or as separate Views under the main Property for the entire network?