StatPress Reloaded and Multi-DB not working ?


I am using:

WPMU version 2.7.1

StatPress Reloaded version 1.5.21 (

Multi-DB version 2.7.0 or 2.7.1 (both tested, read more below)

I have problems to get Statpress Reloaded and Multi-Db working together. This issue has for example been discussed in thes post previously:

"…Fix was to delete the statpress folder and everything started working again…"

Further explanation of the problem:

If I have Statpress Reloaded in my plugins folder…

… and Multi-DB is not used: Statpress Reloaded and wpmu works all ok.

… and Multi-DB version 2.7.0 is installed: New blogs can not be created. No tables for the blog are created for the new blog and when you try to visit the blog you get a message saying the blog was not installed correctly.

… and Multi-DB version 2.7.1 is installed: New blogs CAN be created and Statpress Reloaded SEEMS to work (have not tested it enough to know it’s stable) BUT to activate Statpress Reloaded on a blog I must activate it TWO TIMES.

I must activate it TWO TIMES beqause the first time I activate it, the menu item for Statpress Reloaded is added and when I click the menu item I do NOT see the Statpress Reloaded graphs. The Statpress Reloaded admin area is empty and on my next click the plugin uninstalls itself. After that I go to the plugins page and installs Statpress once again. This time it works.

Why? :slight_smile:

I see that the new thing in Multi-DB version 2.7.1 is "support" for SHOW TABLES LIKE queries.

Perhaps you are missing some other queries or the SHOW TABLES LIKE query is not working completely right with multi-db?

And also a honest set of questions:

Do you beleive it has problems with other queris than "SHOW TABLES LIKE" ?

Could it be that you have forgotten some other queries to? :wink:

Should I be afraid to use the multi-db plugin?

Thanks and regards,