Status plugin - can you make it work with Buddypress?

Is there a way I can substitute Activity Plus with this Status plugin on my Buddypress installation? It is a far more slick plugin with a sexier interface. It's smaller, effective, and beautiful. Would love for this to happen, or for Activity Plus to merge with its ability to resize things like videos and images in a far more intuitive way within the GUI without having to edit php files within wordpress.

  • derusion
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    Here, try using that buddypress activity plus plugin and using this link as an attachment:

    For one, it includes WAYYYY too much text for being a "snippet."

    For another... you can't for your life get the picture of the coffee pot to show up. If you use the "status" wordpress plugin to do the exact same thing, it gives a perfect snippet, and includes a picture of the coffee pot.

    Daily Steals is a website I fancy many users in the geek community frequently reference in facbeook updates and twitter... but it's tough to do in buddypress as it's currently written.

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