Status Plugin does not post status - Nor does it let contributers submit a post

Tried your Status plugin and it did nothing for me at all. First, I had to write custom css so that the widget would show full width, since there is no shortcode to use to add it to a single page. Next, I was unable to submit a status at all. Submit the status, click post, and nothing - just comes back to the input box.
Next, I opted in for contributers to be able to post status.
Sure would be nice if there was an option to let them post without having to review the post. I was trying to create a sort of Facebook on my site for members, locking down the page with Member Pro 2.
Anyway, didnt matter WHAT I wanted to do - it would not post anything.

Yes. I disabled ALL plugins except the status plugin - still no dice.
Although when I did this, it DID show up for contributers
But, still would not post.

And it seems odd that I have a plugin installed that stalls your plugins ( I had to disable all my plugins in order to use the import/export for coursepress) since 98% of the plugins I have installed are WPMUDEVs!!

Anyway. Can't get this plugin to work. Uuugh.