Status Plugin/Does not support post formats

Sorry I know I keep pressing this issue but only because I really love this plugin and want it to work with my theme. Again, I am using the Chocolate WP theme from Themeforest which automatically comes with the Tumblog plugin that I cannot deactivate as it seems to be hardcoded into the theme.

If you are familiar with this plugin and theme it DOES support “Post formats” as this is exactly what is based on. In fact, it shows them to me in my dashboard and says I can even add more “Post formats” However, here is my issue. When I activate the Status plugin I go to edit the settings.

What I want to accomplish is to match the status updates to the proper post formats. But in Status plugin settings it says “Your theme does not support post formats” Again, this is totally untrue. Can we have a developer look at this plugin and see if there is something they can do or something I Can do to get this to recognize the post formats of my theme? Thanks so much for your help I really love this plugin (and yes I have the updated version of it)