[Status] Status Plugin - Serve Scaled Images

I am running into an image and optimization issue with the featured images being displayed and pulled in. The Status plugin is pulling the full featured image in from the links that I am using, and these are being loaded as originals, and not re-sized in any way, other than in CSS from the theme and custom.

When reaching out to the theme developer, they informed me that the issue was in how Status was pulling in the feature image.

The other research I've been reviewing seem to suggest that if I add additional custom sizes for the media library, and regenerate thumb - WP will pull in the exact size should it be available. Not sure I completely buy that.

In short, I want to be able to serve scaled images, and optimize the page load size and speed. Perhaps this will be one of the options in the new SmushIt Pro plugin, but I have yet to see that, and figured I can't be the only one with this issue.


PS - Should you need to view the site, and this question get published prior to the DNS propagation issues the site is currently resolving, please give it a few hours. I made a switch with Cloudflare and the host is working through it.

  • James Morris

    Hello Estevan

    I hope you are well today.

    Checking the code for the plugin, it does indeed use set_post_thumbnail() to define the Featured Image when the option is selected.

    Using a guide like what can be found here -> https://wpshout.com/wordpress-custom-image-sizes/ you should be able to go ahead and define the post thumbnail sizes you wish to use in you theme's functions.php. Then, go into the Status plugin settings at WP Admin -> Settings -> Status and configure the settings for Download external images so that all options are set to Yes.

    Once you do that you should start noticing the statuses are using a thumbnail size that is more along the lines of what you want.

    Note: After you define your custom sizes, don't forget to run Regenerate Thumbnails to force all old images to have the new thumbnail sizes available.

    Let us know if you have any further questions. We'll be happy to help! :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • Estevan


    Quick Update - I've followed the directions and can confirm that the new sizes are available and all settings are marked as yes. I've added a new link, and the image is still being loaded at original size.

    There is a section of the code that references set_post_thumbnail - line 345 of the class_wdqs_admin_pages.php file. From what I understand this should be setting the featured_image and with the new sizes, pulling from featured-large or featured-small.

    I am still looking into if there's a conflict with the theme, although the theme designer has stated there isn't. Any thoughts, or if there's another place in the status code that I need to change or swap it would be preferred.



  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Estevan,

    I have tested Status on my site and it doesn't load full image size as feature image - sizes are the same when I create post "as usual" and when I use Status. So Status "follows" how theme is configured to display featured images.
    Would you mind allowing support access so we can have a closer look at this?
    To enable support access you can follow this guide here:

    And in support message please leave information where we can check issue with the images (link to specific post)

    kind regards,

  • Estevan


    Thank you for the reply. Support access granted.

    As for specific examples, see below. I also feel that some clarification may be needed, as I am assuming that the image being used is the feature image based on my research and the conversations with the theme developer. That said, I may be using the wrong terminology.

    Because the image is being used as part of the "inner-activity" and associated with buddypress CSS and code, I am somewhat assuming that it's pulling from feature image.

    The issue is with the featured image being used in the main feed for buddypress activity on the home page.

    https://oilconvo.com/ - this article: https://oilconvo.com/opec-cuts-may-go-deeper-as-another-member-sees-output-slump/ has the main image being imported as full size (1200x800) from the source via the Status app, but not being scaled when displayed here.

    I'm getting load issues on the home page, due to the scaled image effect.

    Thank you.


  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Estevan,

    I'm sorry for delay here. I did few tests on my site with Status and BuddyPress Activity and it is issue with BuddyPress, not Status plugin. I created post "usual" way and using Status - in both cases featured image pulled from post was full size.
    To exclude that Status is doing that I deactivated it and create again new post with big featured image. Result was the same - featured image from post in Activity stream is full size.

    Can you check if this is also happening on your site? If you deactivate Status and create post in default way?

    kind regards,