[Status] Status Plugin – Serve Scaled Images

I am running into an image and optimization issue with the featured images being displayed and pulled in. The Status plugin is pulling the full featured image in from the links that I am using, and these are being loaded as originals, and not re-sized in any way, other than in CSS from the theme and custom.

When reaching out to the theme developer, they informed me that the issue was in how Status was pulling in the feature image.

The other research I've been reviewing seem to suggest that if I add additional custom sizes for the media library, and regenerate thumb – WP will pull in the exact size should it be available. Not sure I completely buy that.

In short, I want to be able to serve scaled images, and optimize the page load size and speed. Perhaps this will be one of the options in the new SmushIt Pro plugin, but I have yet to see that, and figured I can't be the only one with this issue.



PS – Should you need to view the site, and this question get published prior to the DNS propagation issues the site is currently resolving, please give it a few hours. I made a switch with Cloudflare and the host is working through it.