Status Updates Showing on Front Page


I am SOOO excited about your status updates plugin, but I am having some difficulty getting it to work as intended. I want folks to be able to update their status, but I do NOT want it to show up on the front page of the site .I’ve created a category, connect, that all the status updates are posting to. Other than that, i do not want them to show up. I’m also looking for a way to get the connect category to display in more of a traditional feed format.

I sign up for a membership, and I am so stoked about working with you guys for years to come. What always stops me when dealing with a plugin/WP company, is the fact that as soon as I attempt to use something, there are major problems. If there is anything you can do to assist me, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Comic is VERY good at spreading the word, and we have a fantastic community. I would be more than happy to share with the world that we are working with you, and that we recommend the amazing work that you do.


Thank you for your time and consideration,

Will Sokolowski


Comic Booked, LLC.

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