Sticky Posts and other misc comments on the Magazine Theme

Sticky posts Simply don't work... in fact they go missing on my homepage. That's whatever though, I don't even care about fixing that.


There are so many of these little annoying "bugs" I can't seem to work out and they're "idiopathic" in nature... I can't seem to find a cause no matter what I do. I deactivate all my plugins... same problems.

So frustrating. I understand these aren't idiot-proof plug and play themes and plugins... but it nonetheless has me increasingly frustrated...

I pay 80 bucks a month for a WPMU membership... I like what you guys are offering here. But for that price I wish I had access to more comprehensive support and that these themes and plugins actually worked without losing extensive functionality of my websites.

I feel very "alone" and I find myself spending too much time on things that... frankly, I shouldn't; especially at that price.

Maybe I'm just being an emotional little girl right now... but please take a look at some of my previous posts and HELP!!!!