Sticky Sidebar Broken By Hummingbird

Hey guys!

I recently installed Hummingbird, and ever since then the Theia Sticky Sidebar plugin I'm using for sticky sidebars has ceased to work. You can view this on this page here:

I've enabled support access to my site.

Very much looking forward to hearing back from you,


  • Alex Stine

    Hello James
    Hope you are having a great day today!

    I just checked your site via support access and I noticed you are using the Minify feature of Hummingbird. Sometimes this feature can break certain themes that do not follow the WordPress Theme Guidelines. The best way to fix this would simply to try different combinations of settings with the files under Hummingbird > Minify. Always leave the Include option enabled for all files or else the file will not be loaded. The settings you should look at for your files are Combine, Minify, and Header/Footer/Original Position. Some files will work good with certain settings and other files will not work with certain settings.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    Alex :smiley: