Still having problems with Membership Pages - I have lost access to my Page Editor Plugin

I transitioned to the Protected Content Plugin based on Staff statements that the Membership plugin was going to be phased out but now I find that that is no longer the case. With the Membership plugin, I was unable to select the Membership Pages to be any page {i.e. Child Pages} I setup on my site. But the first phase of Protected Content forced me to use Virtual pages installed by the plugin and it would not properly change the URL slugs nor allow me to access or edit pages from the Membership Pages settings page. It took two weeks to get a work around answer from the WPMU DEV staff. See the following Topic for details. During the wait, I spent time on various work around solutions of my own to figure this out. The actual "work around" proposed by your staff took another day to implement which as it turned out was fruitless, because the newest update has changed completely how the plugin deals with Membership Pages.

Now unfortunately, the upgrade "bug fix" is little better. At first I had thought the plugin had deleted a number of 'membership pages'. But as I investigated the issue I discovered they were in fact 'custom post type' pages that were editable and accessible only from the Setting - Membership Pages tab. I further discovered not only had the slugs been changed so that I now had to edit every link to these pages on my site. Also because I used a custom page editor for a number of pages including my 'Protected Content' Page, the use of a "custom post type with real pages" has eliminated my ability to see or use this editor and so I have no ability to edit this page at all. By which I am completely mystified because on all other "post" pages I can see and use my editor. I had also setup all my membership pages with a particular template 'Right sidebar' with special attention to the sidebar widgets that would be displayed on my member pages vs my non-member pages which are 'Default template'. This will require more time spent on re-working widgets and page types to get this back into order.

My question is three fold.

1) Is this the final decision on how the plugin will deal with Membership pages?

and if yes,

2) How can I get functionality of my custom page editor plugin [InstaBuilder] back.

3) How can I change the page template with which the 'post' pages are generated.

See attached screen caps.

PS: I have turned on Support Access so You can see first hand what I am talking about.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue!