Still having some subsites with "expired" message from Prosites

I have Prosites installed, have enabled "Pay to Blog" and am using Paypal for the checkout process and recurring payments.

I occasionally find that some sites will randomly be shut down because their subscription "expired." This seems to happen every couple months to random sites. I then go into that subsite and look at the notes. In all cases, the Paypal payment went through fine, but they were still shut down and sent an email telling them that their site expired.

This is kind of embarrassing for me and confusing for them since their Paypal payment went through. Also, I am not notified by email that their site was shut off. The only way I know is if I manually scroll through all the sites to see if they are shut down.

Then, I have to manually "extend" their status to get them activated again.

Am I missing something, or do we need to put in a feature to Prosites with the following:

1. Add a notification function sent to super-admin when a site gets shut down;
2. Set up some kind of time buffer so that in case the problem is with Paypal, Prosites gives an extend window to recheck that the payment has been made before shutting down the site. Maybe, like a 24 hour time period to recheck for the Paypal payment??
3. And not send the cancelation email to the subsite owner until after the 24 hour recheck on their payment.

Thanks, Joe.