STILL NO REPLY to my last post on Ticket number post-891607


I am REALLY sorry to be making a NEW support request about this, but on June 6 I was finally able to test the code Hoang gave me almost 2 months ago to try to fix the Previous and Next arrows on the wiki pages problem.

About a week ago, I created a ticket asking if Hoang or someone would read post-891607 and reply. I was told by a support person that they would pass the info on to Hoang and to NOT create a new ticket about an old one.

ANOTHER week has passed. I have not heard from Hoang or anyone about post-891607. So the ONLY way I can get someone's attention is to make another Support Request AGAIN, asking if someone would PLEASE reply to my post-891607.

IF there is some other way for me to get a reply about this ticket and the problem, I will be HAPPY to do it - but right now, this is the only way I can get ANY reply about the ticket.

Mary :o(