Still not allowing me to send news letter

Still having problems with Enewsletter it will not allow me to edit any of the settings at all why is this after I click on create a news letter it takes me to were there are four different tabs to the left I get a quick black flash. Then when I try to use any of the settings I am unable to use them. After I close this I get a message saying stay or leave this page after I leave it is creating a iletter.
What is wrong with this plugin I see allot of people having problems can you have someone please help me why this would not allow me to edit or send news letters when it is testing a send and bounce ok. Regards Vincent

  • Vincent

    I see the flow chart and I am using the latest version of wordpress. All plugins are from here I don't think its a theme issue it is a artisteer theme I made. I have no plugins from anyone else except the captcha plugin that is using multiplication and all of the other plugins are from here except wordfence and I don't think wordfence is causing me a problem.I am using the contact form by best web soft that really dose not conflict with anything that I know of. I am noticing that when I use IE I don't see the iletter up top when I click on edit in firefox I don't get no flash and I see the iletter up top.

    The strangest thing is when I click on create news letter in IE I get a quick black flash to then right then the settings are there although I don't see iletter it says up top when I use firefox iletter chose template it seems to want to use my theme if I save and publish like there are no templates in there I am not using multi site just buddy press. I get nothing when I click on the setting under edit. There are six settings iletter , settings, content, images, color , send preview none of these functions are allowing me to do anything at all. Most of all the iletter chose template dose nothing maybe there are no templates in the folder to pull from Its as if there are no themes to use. Also when I try to send the iletter it says it sent it to 7 members I did create a group fluffey members. This should not be so complicated to use I understand the most of the functions within this plugin I have many sites that send news letters with no problems. I would really love to see one of my sites go someplace I always seem to run into allot of problems. I realize I have taken on to many domains that don't belong to no one except me I want to learn. Its been hard on me I have been slow to learn although I try very hard. Let me know what we can do to fix this edit I want to move to multisite although I have my doubts about it I rather login to sites separate it scares me because my site for hosting was hacked many times I had to change the password in the php my admin because I was allowing my login name as public is no good. Of course functions are not going to work if there is no main object to work with what do you think. Can you help me Sir \

    Regards Vinny

    Regards Vinny

    • Vincent

      Also I wanted to add that this is not a server issue as Ari seems to think my servers are both secured the same way with up to date security for xcsf xss and other types of attacks were resent performed on both servers I have two sites on one server and another site using php fox they both are sending emails. Only I came to you because I do not like having to go through a domain to use programming this is always a hack problem I have a site I am not going to say although if you try to hack the index you will be banned with ip logging with good analytics tracking so far knock the wood I have not had any problems I just tested all sites are sending email activation out.
      I have contacted artisteer in regards to this issue. I know other programmers that are using artisteer with buddypress and doing well actually.
      If there is a problem with the theme I am using I would find that hard to believe because it was blank when I started this theme from scratch the only thing I used was the header that's it the rest was a dead black theme.
      Lets see what happens ok although lets be honest are you getting any email activation from because I am sure not.
      There must be some other form of activation I can use.

      Regards Vinny and thanks allot for the reply.

  • Vincent

    Actually thanks I really don't think it is a artisteer theme this theme was working before with buddy press. I was just lead on another wild goose chase Vinod had said to me he was getting a email activation from a gamil account. I tried gmail account and I am not getting anything at all and this is starting to really get to my nerves. I have no other themes in there except the one theme I made actually I was getting wordfence errors from all themes in this install twenty twenty thirteen twenty fourteen. I did allot of work on this theme I am lost as to why I am having so many problems.
    I never seen such a mess I think I am wasting my time with buddy press.
    I think I am wasting allot of money as well I don't believe he said he received a email from a gmail account when i did not get anything.
    Also I will talk to artisteer and ask them about this so far I have many hours of time and money out of my pocket and no site at all this is a mess.
    In the php my admin it is saying it sent a code maybe I am installing buddy press wrong should I disable comments before making the activate page.
    Maybe this is causing problems at this point I am really lost.
    I asked him if ther was another way that I could activate members with buddypress beside email activation I did not get a reply.
    I can try asking artisteer about this. Maybe wordfence is conflicting with it there are only two plugins in there and that's wordfence and buddypress.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there Vinny,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for the additional information.

    There's only one real way to test what's happening here and that is to use the twenty fourteen theme and deactivate everything else, then activate BuddyPress and see if that works.

    If it does, it's either a conflict with the theme or plugin, I know you want to use the artisteer theme and that isn't a problem, but we need to switch themes as part of the troubleshooting process :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

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