Stop initial Signup until Payment - Pro Sites

Hi there,

I'm trying to use Pro Sites to run my membership Wordpress Multisite.

Having researched around, I see that many people seem to require a bit more control over the signup process.

The big problem I have with it is that it allows people to signup to the site without having to pay. I realise you can disable their site using 'Pay to Blog' but this doesn't stop them signing up, and after a while you end up with a site and user database full of useless inactive blogs.

So, my first request would be to direct the user to payment during the signup process, thus stopping any free signup at all.

Second, I'd like to be able to see a list of all users on a current payment level. I can't seem to see this as an option which seems a little strange. Is it possible to list all users that have signed up, but have not paid? Then to list all users on level 1, level 2, etc?

Thanks in advance for your help, looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Elliott Bristow

    Hi Colin,

    Thanks for this feedback. I'm going to move this to the feature request section of the site, and mark it as such on our network so that the developers are made aware of your suggestions.

    If this is something they can easily add I'm sure they will be in touch soon. Unfortunately, I suspect the signup and payment process is pretty fixed due to certain limitations in the core WordPress system (For example, the user account would need to exist before the payment processor sends back payment confirmation). I could be wrong though, so watch this space!

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