Stop members purchasing via their own affiliate links

Is there a way to prevent members from cheating, i.e. to stop them from making purchases via their own affiliate link, or at least from stopping the click/payment from registering?

  • Dimitris
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    Hey there angeljs,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    There isn't such choice at the moment in Affiliates plugin, but I've already asked plugin's lead dev for any additional info that might be useful here. As he seems to be offline currently, I'll keep you posted on this as soon as i've got some valuable feedback.

    Meanwhile, if this is urgent for you, you may have to hire an experienced developer to build/alter this for you. You can use our own jobs board Jobs & Pros (no WPMUDEV staff members included).

    Warm regards,

  • VC Nickels
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    You could make it so that if they are logged in with the account that the affiliate link is registered to they don't get credit. You should spell that out in the TOS as well that using your affiliate link to purchase items will not give you credit. I'd even go so far as to add something about abuse of the affiliate system can result in being dropped. Speak with your lawyer though first.

    Unfortunately though, barring some serious cookie-foo, IP (and even MAC address) registering, or billing/shipping/email address checking, there's little you can do to stop people from making extra accounts. Even then... All but the IP/MAC address checking can easily be faked.

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