stop Q&A plugin questions feeding into Recent Global Posts feed

I’m using WPMU DEV’s Recent Global Posts Feed to fill the Recent Global Posts Widget. I have this on my frontpage to feature blog headlines from the the blogs on my network.

I want to get the Q&A plugin up and running, one of the obstacles I need to overcome before I go live with it is that it feeds into the Recent Global Posts. New questions are read as WP posts which end up then being displayed in the feed. This is not so good, especially since Q&A is intended to operate as hybrid forum setup – having its feed combined with blog post feeds is problematic (at least for me…:wink:.

I have Q&A setup on the primary blog of a WPMU installation, but I don’t do any blogging on that site (nor do I intend to). Being able to remove site ID 1 from the recent global posts feed would be okay with me. The solution to this would also be the answer to another thread I started here:

Alternatively, preventing Q&A questions from being added to recent global posts feed would be great. As things are right now, I cannot use the Q&A plugin because of the way it handles questions as posts.

Any thoughts on this?