Stopped working, doesn't show again

Hi guys,

Floating social stopped working for no reason and a reinstall does not get it to work again.

I've also tried manual placement in various ways, and tested from different machines and browsers.

Running latest WP, please advise...

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    Hello Jules,

    The most probable reason for issues like this is Plugin/Theme conflict.

    Here is how you can test and see if that is the problem.

    Theme Test

    Switch to the default WordPress theme as we know that the default WordPress theme is coded as per WordPress Standards.

    Now check and see if the issue is still there.

    Take note if you see a difference in behavior after you have switched the theme. Switch back to the theme you were using.

    Plugin Test

    If the theme didn't have anything to do with the issue then move on to the plugins section. There are many WordPress plugins out there and not all of them are coded nicely so lets see if you have a plugin installed that is not playing nice.

    Try to deactivate all plugins apart from Floating Social and check whether it fixes the issue. If yes, activate the plugins one by one to see which one causes the issue to occur.

    I hope that you will be able to track it down with the above suggestion, however if you are not able to find out, please feel free to write back and I will take it further.

    PS : A link to the site and a screenshot of your Floating Social settings will be helpful too


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